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Writing a great online dating profile

Registering for an online dating site can be a life changing experience but for many it can also be a daunting experience. Here are some words of advice for creating an attention grabbing dating profile.

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Your friends and family know you best. Often people miss the most basic things about themselves that make them special. Brits are uncomfortable about talking about their good points for fear of sounding big headed. Let your friends give you compliments and use them.

Make yourself sound interesting. Sounds simple doesn't it? Everyone writes 'reading' or 'going for long walks'. Don't fall into the trap of sounding like everyone else on the site. Interesting hobbies and pastimes are great conversation starters. Give other members something to break the ice with.

Don't highlight your bad points or make yourself sound depressing. Talk about your ambitions, goals and dreams. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors. If you are unsure, run your text through a spellchecker. It only takes a minute. You have invested time and money on your quest for love online, why spoil it with sloppy grammar.

Always upload a photo. You are far more likely to receive messages or responses if you include a recent photo. Try to choose a flattering photo ideally taken in a natural environment. Drunken nightclub photos are a big no-no. Action shots are good as long as you are clearly visible. A photo of you in full scuba gear may make you look like an adventurous person but keep these photos as additional gallery images not your main photo.

Don't ramble. Keep your profile short and sweet. Provide enough information to gain interest but don't publish your whole life story.

Don't sound demanding. It's okay if you have some specific traits when looking for a partner and it saves everyone's time by making them clear on your profile. Things like not wanting to date a smoker, drinker or drug user are fine. A list of what you expect such as wealth, fine dining, height etc just make you look high maintenance and will put off many potential matches.

Avoid text speak. As you converse with other members basic acronyms such as LOL are acceptable but there is no place for them in your main profile.

Don't mention your ex partners!

Keep it clean. Be polite and avoid overly sexualised approaches. If you are interested in a more casual relationship with a BBW woman, fling or hookup, try our BBW casual dating site for more open minded singles.